OPI Protein Drink

Strawberry Lemonade


Delicious sweet tartness strawberry lemonade flavour comes with little “oomph” of tanginess that will provide hydration all day long.

Additional Information


  • Improves recovery and muscle growth
  • Quick protein absorption and digestion
  • Zero-fat and low in carbohydrates
  • Rich in Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) gluten
  • No lactose, no sugar, no fat
  • Boosts the body’s immune system
  • Regulates weight loss & curbs appetite
  • Protein on-the-go
  • Ready-to-drink
  • 100% awesome fresh taste

Nutritional Values

  • 500 mL
  • 16 g Protein
  • 3.5 g BCAAs


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